High paying bitcoin faucets

The most reliable way to earn your first bitcoin amounts is through faucets. Faucets dispense amounts of free Bitcoins periodically (5, 15, 30 minutes, hourly, daily). To save your time, here is a list of really paying bitcoin faucets with timer for each faucet.

These websites will request your bitcoin wallet address. The wallet address is an alphanumeric serial number that you can use to receive bitcoins. So, first thing you need to do is creating a bitcoin wallet.

Instructions: Go down the list and click each link in faucet column to open in a new window. Wait for each page to load then enter your bitcoin address, click anti-bot links in certain order and solve captcha for free bitcoins! Come back to the faucet when timer ends.

The ways to get more bitcoins read on earn more page. If you are familiar with sports betting - read bitcoin sportsbooks and bookmakers - no deposit and withdrawal fees and other advantages of Bitcoin betting make sense to bet with bitcoins.

The best and longest running bitcoin faucet with possible big rewards:

FaucetTimer (min)Min, SatoshiWin MoreMinimum payout
FREEBITCOIN6030+++30000 / Sunday

List of bitcoin faucets with payment to ExpressCrypto

Important: Before claiming, you have to register your BTC address at ExpressCrypto or you will not get your rewards.

Notes: SL - short link. You'll get reward after visiting short link on many bitcoin faucets in the list.

Faucet list editing options:

- Update faucet - click on the faucet cell in a timer or reward column and enter new value. It's useful for sorting faucets in the list.
- Sort faucets - click on the header of a timer or reward column.
- Tag dry faucet - click on the faucet cell in the Payout / column. You can remove tag in the Notes / column.
- Show / Hide dry faucets - click on the header of the Faucets column.

Speed up your earnings: You can use Firefox add-on FaucetClaimer to claim satoshi on faucets easier and faster. It closes tabs and windows with ads, auto fills user's bitcoin address, logs in and so on. Visit FaucetClaimer page: Mozilla Addons / FaucetClaimer

Faucets Timer (min) Min Reward Notes / Payout /

Updated 31.05.2020